Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level. The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology

Gilbert N. Ling, Ph.D.

Pacific Press
ISBN 0-9707322-0-1

"Dr. Ling is one of the most inventive biochemist I have ever met."
Prof. Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel Laureate

This book is translated into Russian
Ёта книга переведена на русский ¤зык

LingТs Ideas and Their Importance for Biology and Medicine
(Russian scientists about Ling's book)

An excerpt from the manuscript of the article УStructurization of Water by Amino acids Ц Molecular Nanostructred UnitsФ co-authored by N.I. Sinitsin, V.A. Elkin, R.V. Sinitsina and O.V. Betsky

 Instead of prefacing this article with a brief epigraph that often proves relevant in many similar cases we decided to depart from this tradition and indulge in a full-length introduction. In choosing such a format we were driven by our desire to share our views on Gilbert N. LingТs "Life at the Cell and Below Cell Level. The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology" which recently appeared in the Russian translation (УFizicheskaya Teoriya Zhivoi Kletki. Nezamechennaya RevolutsiyaФ, Sankt-Peterburg, УNaukaФ, 2008) and which we consider a truly outstanding event. Surprisingly, our own studies proved closely linked with LingТs ideas and we believe that such congruity of views is by no chance a mere coincidence.

The authors dare to dedicate this article to Professor Gilbert Ling as a token of their respect and gratitude for his amazingly profound and daring book that breaks new ground.

The authors are representatives of the Saratov school of radiophysics and work within a somewhat different framework. In particular, we perform research in the field of biomedical radio electronic technology. Our recent studies were aimed at getting a better understanding, explaining and making effective use of the mechanisms and possibilities of the millimeter wave therapy founded by the outstanding Soviet scholars and our teachers Academician N.D. Devyatkov and Professor M.B. Golant.

Yet, living in the opposite parts of the world Ц Ling in his beloved America and we in our much cherished Russia Ц and separated by two oceans the authors of this article independently arrived at the theoretical and practical goals that had been already identified by Ling in his studies. This telling transatlantic convergence suggests the objective nature of our common research subject. As a result of their study the authors obtained some important experimental data on the structure of water which are in line with the major principles of LingТs theory. These promising data have been obtained in a number of pioneering studies performed by the authors that helped discover and study such phenomenon as generation of electric energy by the thin water-containing layers confined between the layers whose surface has micro- and nanoirregular conducting inclusions (water-electric effect). Besides, the structurization of water-containing media due to contact with nanostructured heterogenic inclusions on the surface of the water-insoluble material were studied. Appearance of catenary structures consisting of water molecules was observed. The authors obtained experimental evidence suggesting a special role of structurization of water-containing media in living entities when exposed to external low-intensity microwave electromagnetic fields.  The research methods used by our team can prove important for both biology and medicine. Moreover, the emergence of an utterly new trend in biomedical radio-electronic technology -- that of the millimeter wave nanostructure therapy Ц can be heralded.

Discovering water structurization due to contact with specific nanostructered objects allowed obtaining experimental data describing some of the important properties of living structures. Also, it affords the key to understanding the critical functional role of structural transformations of water in the nanoenergy processes in the living cell.

The authors find it particularly symbolic that the data obtained by them are surprisingly in line with those obtained by Prof. Ling. However, the experimental methods used by us were dramatically different, for example, the methods of radiophysical study of distribution of low-intensity electromagnetic micro- and optical range waves in different media. In our case, the studied media primarily included water-containing structures exposed to close contact with various objects including the nanostructured ones. Previously, we used these methods in radiolocation and radio communication to study micro- and hyper-size objects up to cosmic scale entities and today we started using the same methods to study micro- and nanoobjects.

Low-intensity electromagnetic radiation and the relevant hi-tech measuring radio equipment allow carrying out on-line express-tests of samples without affecting the dynamics of the studied processes. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these methods create totally new possibilities for diagnosing the studied structures including water-containing media where water structure gets modified when in contact with nanostructured material (whether organic or non-organic, water- soluble or not).

We hope that our impulse to dedicate this introduction to Professor Ling that instantly emerged when we read his book will serve as a token of support and encouragement that innovative scholars need so much. His revolutionary contribution gives rise to a radical re-visiting of the fundamental problems in the sphere of the living cell. There is no doubt that physics and biology of the living cell should invariably embrace, in a single complex of fundamental and applied research, the unique and wide-ranging pattern of interaction between electromagnetic fields and water.

Not only does LingТs book break new ground in the understanding of physical foundations of life but it also opens new perspectives for the development of biology and medicine in a close alliance with physics. We believe that no further development of the cell science is possible without building on some of LingТs theoretical propositions and fundamental experimental evidence obtained by him.

The authors extend their heart-felt gratitude to Professor Ling, УNaukaФ Publishers and, last but not least, to A.V. Malygin, V.V. Matveev and A.B. Ivanyuk who participated in this project for their commitment and creative approach to translation of this outstanding book into Russian. It can be viewed as a wonderful gift to all those who seek a better understanding of the physics of the living cell and want to take a good start in this important area of studies. For us, the authors of this article, this book was of invaluable help opening, as it does, new opportunities for fundamental and applied research in the field of biomedical radio electronics that is an increasingly fast developing and promising science of today.

October, 2009

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"Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level.
The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology":

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1. How It Began on the Wrong Foot---Perhaps Inescapably
2. The Same Mistake Repeated in Cell Physiology
3. How the Membrane Theory Began
4. Evidence for a Cell Membrane Covering All Living Cells
5. Evidence for the Cell Content as a Dilute Solution
6. Colloid, the Brain Child of a Chemist
7. Legacy of the Nearly Forgotten Pioneers
8. Aftermath of the Rout
9. Troshin's Sorption Theory for Solute Distribution
10. Ling's Fixed Charge Hypothesis (LFCH)
11. The Polarized Multilayer Theory of Cell Water
12. The Membrane-Pump Theory and Grave Contradictions
13. The Physico-chemical Makeup of the Cell Membrane
14. The Living State: Electronic Mechanisms for its Maintenance and Control
15. Physiological Activities: Electronic Mechanisms and Their Control by ATP, Drugs, Hormones and Other Cardinal Adsorbents
16. Summary Plus
17. Epilogue 

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